Versailles: Hubschrauberflug ab Paris - Reiseberichte

  • Ort: Paris, Frankreich
  • Dauer: Flug: 25 Min. Insgesamt: 1:30 Stunden

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Bericht von: Barbora K , September 2017

The trip was amazing, the pilot was very nice and patient whilst we took about million pictures with the helicopter and over the flight itself was great with some little tricks. Stuff at the heliport was helpful and accommodating.

Bericht von: Pamela S , Juli 2017

Fabulous trip with wonderful helicopter pilot/guide. You just can't get pics and see what we saw any other way. Totally worth it for us!

Bericht von: Ian M , September 2016

Amazing Helicopter ride. You get to see paris from the Air as well as Versailles. The pilot was very interesting and took his time to explain the various sites from the Air. .

Bericht von: Stuart G , August 2016

Amazing! Whole experience was good from start to finish. Warm welcome from the staff. Pilot greeted us personally, and spend time chatting. Views over Paris were great and pilot pointed out the landmarks. Would recommend. Opportunity to purchase video if required.

Bericht von: BD , Juni 2016

Very good overview trip of the Paris and Versailles!

Bericht von: champion d , Juni 2016

super !! et merci a Romain le pilote !!

Bericht von: Brent J , New Zealand, Juni 2016

5 stars isn't enough to rate this attraction. To see a city by helicopter is a must. Our pilot was fantastic as was the staff at the airport office. Might have been nice to see the tower from a closer distance but I suspect air safety regulations prevented this. Paris is a little security 'sensitive' still. Recommended

Bericht von: jean michel Bost , April 2016


Bericht von: Stephen D , Februar 2015

This tour was amazing!

Bericht von: ammamy1 , Oktober 2014

Highly Recommended

Bericht von: Betsy M , Juni 2014

This trip is nothing short of fabulous! If you love planes, as I do, you will not want to miss flying over Paris in your own helicopter. The little airport where you land near Versailles is charming as well, with small planes taking off and landing as you sip your coffee, or tea. The pilot explained to us how helicopters are designed, and how they are used in filming to obtain those action shots we take so much for granted.. This was the most exciting part of my vacation to Paris. Don't miss it!
Betsy Matthes

Bericht von: Anita , August 2016

No pasamos sobre ningun monumento de Paris sino que sale de la ciudad hacia las afuera. La torre y la Isla de muy lejos no se aprecian. Es bueno para ver Versalles pero de manera muy fugaz. Creo que deben omitir la promesa de que se puede ver la ciudad de Paris de paso porque no ocurre asi. Solo el vije a Versalles y vuelta.

Bericht von: Françoise M , August 2016

Superbe expérience, mais malheureusement trop rapide. A conseiller

Bericht von: Oscar T , August 2016

Fiquei decepcionado pois o voo sobre a Torre Eiffel não aconteceu, como consta em vossa propaganda. Eu sou fã desse tipo de passeio, mas qualquer outro cliente pediria o reembolso pois a propaganda foi enganosa.

Bericht von: lchfla , September 2015

Helicopter ride was great. The directions need to be modified. Tells you what metro and exit but does not state which way to go on the street. Also, needs more direction when you need to turn onto street to the heliport. There are no instructions about calling to get in the gate. After exiting the Metro it was a little frustrating.

Bericht von: Andrew P , Mai 2015

This tour was amazing!

Bericht von: sharibme , September 2016

Description of this tour is deceiving. Did not fly anywhere near the Eiffel Tower, got only close to Versailles. The one hour layover at the little airport at the little house was, as I understand a legal requirement, but was still boring. The flight itself was fun, but not what we were hoping for as far as sightseeing.

Bericht von: Ray C , Juli 2016

More of a helicopter joy flight it is certainly not a tour. If you and #39;ve never been in a helicopter then this may be perfect for you but you certainly don and #39;t get to see the Versailles castle and flying by the tower is more like flying back to the landing area. Great fun Pilot but hardly a tour of Paris.

Bericht von: Kent S , September 2014

Fun to ride in the helicopter but not a very good tour of the area. We did not get very close to any of the sights in Paris. Most of the pilot's comments were in French. Not much english. We had great difficulty getting into the secure area where the helicopter was located. We were finally able to get into the facility when two other people were leaving. We flew out to a little airport and took a 30 or 40 minute break for some reason then flew back to the helicopter airport. Probably not worth the money.

Bericht von: Tomislav L , April 2017

This tour was big disappointment because helicopter flew nowhere near city center. Yes, it was said that we will have a distant view over Eiffel tower, but that distance was much, much bigger that one could assume on the base of photo that is shown. I do understand that because of security reasons, helicopter can't fly directly over the city center, but this was, as I said, much further than expected. View shown on a photo is not even close to what we actually saw. Even Versailles was very far from us. I think it would be fair to show pictures that give more precise feeling of actual view during the flight. This is a lesson for future: one should always ask for a flight route to be shown on map. I would rather recommend visit to Montparnasse Tower: here you have much better and closer aerial view over Paris, including Eiffel itself for an unlimited time and for much less money.

Bericht von: Jo D , Januar 2017

Is niet doorgegaan. Wacht nog steeds op een antwoord over mijn terugbetaling.
Groetjes Jo

Bericht von: Gregory Z , September 2016

Apart from the staff being very friendly there is little I can recommend with regards to this Helicopter flight experience. The two key areas of disappointment were the fact that Viator advertised this experience as Enjoy a drink and photo opportunities during your 1-hour stopover near Versailles NEAR Versailles was certainly correct! In fact you go to the suburb of Versailles and sit at a helipad for an hour twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do. The drink was the choice of water, coffee, Minute maid or Orangina - not even a glass of wine or beer. The worst misadvertising of the product was however the Eiffel Tower flyover and image in the title of your description. The helicopter in fact did not go close to the Eiffel Tower at all and certainly did not include a flyover - hugely misleading advertising !

Bericht von: Meijerlouise , Juni 2015

Flying in a helicopter was fabulous but we barely managed a glimpse of Versailles so were quite disappointed

Bericht von: Nicole B , Mai 2015

Tour never happened! Helipass was closed since on the same day (8 May) we booked our tour, was a holiday in paris.No one from viator told us that they were closed and a tour was booked normally.Mails were sent to viator but no one answered.I presented a claim to my bank and waiting to get back my $$

Bericht von: Hans E , Mai 2015

Helikopterturen blev inställd pga dåligt väder. Inget medelande på telefon eller mail. Vi åkte taxi i onödan till helikotern. MYCKET DÅLIGT!