Gemeinsame Hin- und Rückfahrt: Flughäfen in New York und Hotels in Manhattan - Reiseberichte

  • Ort: New York City, New York
  • Dauer: Variabel


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Bericht von: Brenda B , Februar 2018

Hi I use this service back in November 2017 and I had know problems with them they were on time and when I return I will use them again

Bericht von: c.hilgarth , Dezember 2017

Punctional - organised - reliable

Bericht von: Klaus E , Dezember 2017

perfect trip, no waiting time, in time pick up back

Bericht von: Cathy B , November 2017

We had a terrific driver and although we had a few pick ups was quite efficient.

Bericht von: DAVID J , August 2017

Sobre los traslados solo decir que muy bien gestionado, sales del aeropuerto hacia el mostrador como bien decis al imprimir el bono, hablais con la persona al cargo sobre cuantos sereis las maletas etc y en un momento te pasan a buscar y saldreis hacia vuestro hotel o alojamiento, a la vuelta es lo mismo, tendreis que llamar con 24 horas de antelacion para que se pasen a recogeros y os diran la hora aproximada para llegar con tiempo de sobra para evitar atascos no olvideis que os digan el numero de bono para la recogida, nosotros pillamos bastante atasco y eso que ibamos con 4 horas de antelacion. El protocolo para salir de EEUU muy espartano y se demora bastante en el aeropurto, asi que no os descuideis, el viaje en general fue una pasada, lo recomendamos 100, seguro que volvemos otra vez. Un abrazo!!!!

Bericht von: Kathleen C , Juni 2017

I felt this was a safe and economical way to get to the hotel from the airport. The drivers were accommodating.

Bericht von: Michael S , Januar 2018

Promt pick up at airport and hotel for return to airport.

Bericht von: beevor69 , September 2017

Very impressed with the pick-up from JFK, driver was pleasant and shared information with us regarding places to go and things to see. However it is a shame that the driver taking us back to JFK was the opposite, he hardly spoke, other than to ask if we had any sweets he could have. I appreciate that driving in NY is difficult at the best of times, however I am glad that I am not a nodding dog otherwise our heads would have fallen off it was accelerate, brake hard accelarate, break hard. It is the only occassion that I can ever remember, when I have been on the point of being sick. Top marks for the pick-up, 1 for the return.

Bericht von: trametta , November 2017

The trip from airport to hotel was reasonable but the return took over 90 minutes as we were picking up from other hotels on the way.

Bericht von: LAURA B , Oktober 2017

pour le départ nous avons été pris un peu trop tot

Bericht von: Claire H , November 2017

Arriving in New York the traffic was bad so took over 2 hours to get to the hotel. Driver was very professional and fun with lots of good tips. On the return, we were picked up at 310am for an 8.10am flight back which seemed ridiculously early. After driving round picking people up for an hour we passed our hotel again. There seemed to be no logic to the order of where people were picked up and no consideration to customers who were about to have a long journey. My advice is get a taxi.

Bericht von: Lisa W , Juni 2017

Quite straight forward upon arrival collection quite smooth but the driver was moaning to his head office about his collections so a bit off putting, collection from the hotel to Newark airport reception at the hotel called for me the day before to arrange on my behalf I was given a collection time of 1440 and a reference number the morning of the 20 June 2017 we checked out at 1145am and headed off for some last minute bits and made our way back to the hotel at 1400 we waited from 1400 onwards by 1500 hrs our collection hadn't turned up so asked the reception top call them I was advised it was on the street and go back outside to wait I did and waited til 3.15 still no sign so back inside again to call advised they were round the corner as my collection had been rescheduled I don't know who by and nobody advised me of that so again I went outside to wait 1530 came and went so back again I went to reception who had to call again I was getting really anxious as this time so the girl asked to speak to a manager at this point she was advised that someone came to collect me at the said time of 1440 and I was a NO SHOW this was absolute Lies as I had been waiting from 1400hrs I eventually got collected at 1600hrs not impressed and don't think I will be using your company again

Bericht von: GARY V , Februar 2018

I am giving this company a zero on all. I paid for a full day ultimate Manhattan guided site seeing tour and pick up from jfk and return. Well arrived at jfk at 07.08 and put my cases in baggage service and went to the visitors welcome centre as instructed at asked the man behind the counter if I'm at the right place to be picked up. I gave him the printout vouchers which was emailed to me a week before. He says yes and call the company to pick me up and take me to Manhattan for my tour which leaves at 9am. Well he couldn't get threw to them and was trying for 20 mins. He still couldn't get threw so I called them on my mobile and then handed my phone to the man behind the desk. Next he was arguing as they was trying to say that there is no booking but yet he had the receipts and vouchers in his hand and was telling them on the other end of the phone. Another 20 mins later after the man behind the desk was shouting and telling them to come and pick me up they eventually said o yes we have found the booking and someone will pick him up soon. They eventually picked me up after 9am. 40 min drive to the visitors centre in Manhattan and dropped me off outside and drove off. I went inside to the reception and explained about the booking and that they have only just dropped me off and I've been waiting since 7.30am. The replied with. Your tour left an hour ago and there is nothing we can do. I asked for the manager and he came to see me and said I can give you some ticket to visit some places but can't help with s tour which you paid for. Barring in mind I was on my own and first time in NEW York. He Saud you can pop on and off buses and go visiting places. I explained that it's not my problem why I'm late and this was all booked a week ago. He replied there is nothing he can do but give you these vouchers. I thought thanks. An English man in new York what the heck. So off I go. First stop. Empire state building. How's in to find out I have to queue up for changing a voucher for a ticket. Hmmmm. 25 mins later I got ticket and off I go. Go up stairs to find another queue for the lift. 20 mins later off i go to the 80th floor. Out of lift and looking around take some pics then look for exit. Yet another queue 10 mins then up to 86th floor for open views took pics then found exit. Another queue for lift to go down. Waited for 20 mins then down we go but only yo 80th floor which is the shop. Ok go threw ship and come across another queue to go down. 20 mins plus I get in the lift and go down and out. Yes. Ha ha. So find a bus stop and wait for the bus. Long 20 mins but got one in the end and got off near ferries for statue of liberty. 2 hours queuing and a further 20 mins waiting for the ferries. Got on then realised I only had 2 hours left before I get picked up so stayed on the ferrie and went straight back to the dock and ran to the bus stop which had about 30 people awaiting for the bus. First bus came. No one got of or on and off it goes. Another came and the same again. 20 mins in between each bus the another came and 2 came off and 2 went on. Off it goes. Another one came and I got on and off we go. 45 mins later it stops at last stop but not mine. The bus driver told me to take first right then walk up 2 blocks and you'll see the visitors centre. Off I go. By this time it's dark and late. I got to my location 10 mins to spare. Waiting for pick up. Guess what. No one came. At 6.10pm I went to the office and asked where is my pick up. Gave him the paperwork and he call them and they said it hasn't been booked. What a surprise. Lol after 20 mins of arguing he arranged a pick up and finally got back to jfk only just in time for my plane. I only booked this to fill in my 14 hour lay over in jfk. What a waste of money and time. Not a happy man.

Bericht von: geoffds , Oktober 2017

Everything about our trip to New York that had Viator involved went wrong, will never use you people again!

Bericht von: Alexander C , Oktober 2017

This company should be avoided at all costs. The driver who eventually arrived to pick us up at JFK could barely speak English. He proceeded to get completely lost in Manhatten. He tried to force us off the transport at the wrong Hotel. Eventually my wife and I and two other groups, one with two children, were so fed up going round in circles we all decided to leave the transport. This resulted in considerable additional cost for all of us to then travel onward to,our Hotel by taxi. Subsequently we also had to pay for a taxi to return to JFK at the end of our holiday, as we certainly could not rely on this outfit getting us back to the airport on time.