Kombi-Tour: Walbeobachtung und Mendenhall-Gletscher - Reiseberichte

  • Ort: Juneau, Alaska
  • Dauer: 5 Stunden (ca.)
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Bericht von: Sarah B , September 2017

We had a great day with Juneau tours whale watch and Mendenhall Glacier Combo Tour. Everything was organised and timed perfectly. Our boat captain was Jason, with Olivia and Ty assisting. we saw lots of whales from a nice new boat. The Glacier was amazing and we had plenty of time without feeling rushed to get back to port. There were regular buses to get back into town from the Glacier and good information to make sure we knew what to do and where to go. Would definitely recommend

Bericht von: Mark S , September 2017

Very organized, nice boat, great trip! We saw bald eagles and about 8 whales on our recent trip. The staff was VERY knowledgeable about the area and their whales. They recognize each whale by the colors/design on its tale, and call them by name. Our bus driver's name was DL, captain of the boat was Steve, and the staff on the boat were Mark and Olivia. All were helpful, courteous, and made the trip well worth it. After the whale watching, the bus dropped us off at Mendenhall Glacier, where we could spend as much as time as we wanted to, and took another shuttle back to our cruise ship whenever we were ready to return. The glacier and waterfall were stunning!

Bericht von: Paul C , September 2017

We greatly enjoyed our trip. Weather turned out clear, saw numerous whales and even sea lions. Our tour guides were fun, engaged, and very knowledgeable. We recommend this tour to others.

Bericht von: Nancy H , September 2017

We had a wonderful whale watch. The weather held off--it was cold but not raining. We saw numerous whales, including a few that took a dive for us and showed their beautiful tails. We did not see any whales breach, however. Some whales swam right up to the boat.

The tour guides were wonderful. They could recognize the whales by their tails--apparently, that isn't uncommon, since whale tails are like their fingerprints. I highly recommend this tour.

Bericht von: Anja T , August 2017

It was amazing!!!

Bericht von: Dwight B , August 2017

This excursion was the high point of our recent 10 day sea and land tour. Our guide Emma was so passionate and knowledgeable a our whales that you had to love the tour. Her co-guide Ty added a great sense of humor and they made a great them.

Bericht von: Jamie A , August 2017

Ed and Jill were both amazing! Jill was so knowledgeable and helpful whenever anyone had a question. I was slightly disappointed when I heard that Orcas were not what we were looking for. We did see a few whales so it was exciting. The bus drivers were knowledgeable and friendly as well.

Bericht von: Mike D , August 2017

The captain and hands were great and helpful, we saw about 12 whales or so. The shuttle to and from the Glacier was convenient as well. Perfect tour for the day

Bericht von: Pat P , August 2017

We did this tour with JUNEAU Tours and Whale Watch, not the cruise lines tour. It was smaller and more personal. Captain Ed, got us to the whale area where we experienced 12 different whales. Sami and Emma were informative about the whale behavior and helped us spot the whales.
Afterwards there was a short bus ride to the Mendenhall Glacier where beside viewing the glacier we did a short hike and watched salmon in their last struggle to swim upstream.

Bericht von: John C , August 2017

Great Crew, got to get up close with a few whales. Knowledgeable and friendly. Captain knew the specific whales and their names. Lots of fun, well worth it!

Bericht von: Gail B , August 2017

Wow! We had a great tour. There were about 25 people on the tour so we had lots of room to observe. Spent about 45 minutes amongst a group of humpback whales. Captain Jordan, mates Amanda and Emma were great at pointing out the blow and offering information about how the whales would blow several times and then dive so you see the flukes. Saw a seal and a Dall's porpoise on the way back in. We didn't go to the glacier since my husband wasn't feeling well but we had been up close to a glacier the day before. Great tour.

Bericht von: Dana V , August 2017

One of the best excursions we did on our Alaskan trip! Our boat crew Amanda, Emily W. and Dirk were fabulous and lead us right to the whales! Great tour guides and super friendly. Our hike near the Mendenhall Glacier was a workout, but so beautiful. Such a nice area.

Bericht von: Cecilia S , August 2017

We missed our tour start time but they placed us easily on the next tour, although we ended up doing the Glacier first - which we wanted to do last so that we can take our time at the Glacier. This was our fault though and not the company's so we made do. The shuttles ran on time and drivers were very friendly. The weather was overcast with occasional drizzle. We hiked the 2-mile RT trail to the falls and it was worth the walk! The whale watching trip was awesome - saw plenty of whales -but sadly none came near our boat - although the whales went near a couple of other boats in the area. The captain was awesome as he kept trying to position us near where he thought the whales would be. The whales were just finicky I guess - but still, we saw whales and even got some good pictures of the iconic whale tail. Overall a very good trip and the staff were excellent! Highly recommended if whale watching is in your to-do list for Alaska.

Bericht von: Daniel N , Juli 2017

We had such a great time on this tour! Olivia, Captain Steve and Lucas were very informative and friendly. We had a very smooth day, great weather and lots of whales. Great value and awesome family experience!

Bericht von: Kelly F , Juli 2017

10 of us took this tour, all 10 of us loved it. Our guides on the whale boat were fun and very informative. We saw Orca's, Humpback and Dall porpoises. We had 4 kids with us, who were not bored at all. If you do the morning tour and whale watch first, you get to explore the Mendenhall Glacier at the end on your own time. This is why we chose this tour, we did not want only 45 minutes at the Glacier/waterfall. We spent about 2 hrs there and getting a shuttle back after was very easy. 5 stars for sure!!!! Offered on the boat granola bars and water, which the kids loved as well. Great great tour.

Bericht von: Rich S , United States of America, Juli 2017

Captain Dirk and Emily W. were wonderful with the whale watch portion of the trip. Emily is extremely friendly and personable and shared a wealth of knowledge about the humpback whale through a talk - and with a model of the humpback whale - on the way out to the site. Once we got to the area, Captain Dirk had our boat is prime positions for viewing - and we were amazed and excited with the whales that we saw and photographed. We ended up being very close to the action and everyone got their share of amazing photos that we are all sharing with one one another by either email of air drop on our iphones.
The visit to the Mendenhall Glacier also went extremely well. The glacier itself and Nugget Falls were also amazing. We took a hike out to the main viewing areas and captured many superb photos. We were also fortunate to be there when the salmon started to migrate up the creek for their spawning. The park has some boardwalks and paved trails that go back the streams where the spawning is taking place.
My wife and I were mesmerized by the activity taking place there. In addition, a black bear family - mother and cubs - wondered into the area for some prime feasting on the salmon while we were there.
What an amazing and memorizing day we had!
We highly recommend this combo tour if you have only 1 day in Juneau.
Mary and Rich S - Wallingford, PA

Bericht von: Jerry , Juli 2017

We had an excellent visit to the Mendenhall Glacier followed by the best whale watching experience we could have asked for. The bus drivers were interesting and comical and the tour operators of the whale watching boat were excellent. We will recommend this trip to others who are taking the same cruise.

Bericht von: Cindy O , Juli 2017

It was great...we even saw Orcas. The crrw was very knowledgeable about the whales and maine life.

Bericht von: Oscar J , United States of America, Juni 2017

This excursion was awesome. We were able to spend a good amount of time for both the Mendenhall Glacier and the Whale watching. The whale watching guides provided a good information about the whales and were able to answer any questions the group had.

Bericht von: Gail G , Mai 2017

The tour was fun. The guides were great! Jacob and Brett. We got to see some whales. They made the trip fun and entertaining! They provided snacks and water also!

Bericht von: Nils A , September 2017

Tour was really nice, as billed in every way. Only improvement could be transportation at the glacier...the crowds leaving in late afternoon sorta overwhelmed the available buses. Just too popular, I guess!

Bericht von: Franklin F , August 2017

We would rank it as a 4. Ours was a double trip, Whale Watching and the Mendenhall Glacier. It was a 6 hour adventure and we were rewarded with ample whale sightings and a trip to see the Mendenhall Glacier. It was an enjoyable outing and successful and the guides and drivers did their best to be enjoyable and available to everyone.

A couple of things that others who make this choice should be aware of are:

1 the length of the trip required nourishment which you should provide. What one of the brochures mentioned was bagels, cream cheese and salmon, which we expected, and thus did not bring much else. What we got were a couple of nutrition bars and water, which left us quite hungry at the end of the day. So be certain to bring some nourishment.

2 the trip to Mendenhall Glacier involves being bused to the site and back. We were bused to the Glacier and dropped off to return when we wanted. What we didn't realize was that we would have only one choice of the return which would be to take us back to downtown Juneau and the walk to a public bus was move than a mile if we needed to go to a different destination. Since we were headed to an intermediate stop we opted to walk to the public bus which saved us quite a bit of time. Perhaps others should be aware of this and a drop-off at the public bus stop could be made.

Bericht von: Ron P , August 2017

We had a great experience with the Nature Hike Through a Rainforest and Banana boat ride out to Bennett island. The boat driver stopped and showed us nesting eagles and was a great experience at water edge on the shore. Our guide did a nice job once we got to the island of explaining tree succession and pointing out many of the wild life creatures in the forest. The tour was made special for my wife and I as one of our sons worked as guide on the same excursion some 16 years ago. I would suggest to ATA that they need to do some repairs on the plank/board walk as many were old and in disrepair. Not easy to negotiate for 70 year old hikers. I recommend this excursion.

Bericht von: tpittman1 , Juni 2017

the pilot was named Steve and the guides we're Jason and Ty, both of whom were excellent.

If anyone is planning a Juneau whale watching trip these Guy's will do you right, and Ty will keep you entertained and if

he says GET YOUR CAMERAS you better get your caneras.