Gemeinsamer Transfer bei der Anreise: vom Flughafen Florenz zum Hotel - Reiseberichte

  • Ort: Florenz, Italien
  • Dauer: Variabel


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Bericht von: Judith T , September 2017

Takes the worry out of getting from airport to hotel - cheaper than a taxi

Bericht von: catherine c , April 2017

Tout simplement parfait

Bericht von: Carole S , September 2016

Excellent, good service.

Bericht von: Suzanne O , Juni 2016

Very prompt and reliable

Bericht von: christinecayley , Mai 2016

This all happened to plan - thank you

Bericht von: Richard Y , Mai 2016

This driver was really good and waited for us when we had such a hard time to locate the car return at Florence Airport. We could not have been happier with him.

Bericht von: Claude C , März 2016

Quel plaisir, après avoir récupéré ses bagages, de se voir attendu par un chauffeur impeccable qui vous amène à votre hôtel dans un super véhicule !!!!

Bericht von: Fatima M , März 2016

We were very happy with the service the guy was very professional and friendly.

Bericht von: Jeannie B , Januar 2016

Excellent! It cost a little bit more money but it was easy and timing.

Bericht von: CHRISTIAN T , Dezember 2015

Comme à l'arrivée, nous étions seuls dans le véhicule. Horaire parfaitement respecté.

Bericht von: Mary Pat S , September 2015

Driver was great. Air France lost our luggage so we were delayed in the terminal. He went out of his way to find us, was not annoyed at all, and was really pleasant.

Bericht von: , August 2015

Super pontual

Bericht von: ELISABETH J , April 2015

Arrivée du chauffeur a 18h30 à l'aéroport, pile à l'heure, poli, souriant, donnant des explications sur la forteresse de Basso, la gare Santa Maria, nous a conduit jusqu'à la porte de l'hôtel. PARFAIT

Bericht von: Saul D , April 2015

Our shuttle from the airport into Florence was awesome. There were four of us with 4 suitcases. The van was plenty big and comfortable. The driver was very professional and knowledgeable. He came to find us in the airport waiting area a little ahead of our shuttle time and helped us load all our bags. Then he drove us to our destination and waited for a few minutes until we were able to get inside. He was a safe and courteous driver so we had a smooth ride into the city.

Bericht von: Domenic A B , Dezember 2014

Excellent service, Christian was a very nice fellow and a good conversationalist.

Bericht von: Michelle S , Dezember 2014

On time with an entertaining, witty driver who makes you feel like an old buddy is coming to take you home.

Bericht von: Brisco330 , September 2016

Driver was fifteen minutes early . We had forgotten how aggressive Italian drivers wereM

Bericht von: bolgerp , Oktober 2015

Picked up on time and we were lucky to have no other passengers, so it basically became a private services. Minimal to no communication with driver. Some slight problem confirming reservation as company is less amenable to e-mail than phone call and because our cellphone plan did not initiate until we arrived in Italy Florence, we had to work through Viator to confirm which they did without a hitch.

Bericht von: Roger H , September 2014

Prompt reliable transfer service.

Bericht von: MICHELE B , Januar 2016

Pas de chauffeur avec pancarte à la sortie de l avion. Moment de panique. Arrivée de la conductrice 10mn après nous. Suite du transport jusqu e notre appartement : agréable

Bericht von: Guy , Januar 2016

Du retard , une voiture trop petite pour quatre voyageurs et les bagages, j avais entre mes jambes deux valises devant.

Bericht von: Justine B , August 2016

Disgusting service! I do not recommend! Catch a taxi directly to your hotel from the airport rather than using this service as it will be a set/cheaper rate. Our flight was 30 minutes late. We arrived at Florence Airport and were advised that the driver will only wait 20 minutes! This is a joke considering at the time of booking flight details are provided. Surely the driver has access to see whether or not the flight is delayed or has landed. DO NOT USE THIS OPERATOR.
I have travelled the world many times over and have never experienced such a poor service from a transfer operator that collects people from an airport!

Bericht von: Peter S , April 2016

I had booked for a transfer of 8 adults and 1 infant per my booking. When I arrived, there was only 1 van with driver who proceeded to tell me that the booking was only for 8 persons in total and as such, the maximum load in the van was 8 so could not fit 9 people as per my booking. He then proceeded to tell me that it was my fault for the misunderstanding!
Additionally, he said that it was only for maximum 1 luggage per passenger. However, I have a photo where he could only fit 7 luggages into the van so even if I only did have 8 passengers in my booking, the luggage still would not have fitted.

It was easily the worse transfer I have ever been involved in and I have worked in the travel industry for 10 years and I have never had any driver tell me it was my fault and to cover up for his own incompetence. I had to take another taxi at my own cost into Florence city center.

I had booked a further 6 transfers across Europe during my holiday and had no issues elsewhere. This was easily the lowlight of my holiday and I would urge caution if you want to book this.

Do not book this transfer if you value your money.