Italian Opera Concert in Santa Monaca Church - Reiseberichte

  • Ort: Florence, Italy
  • Dauer: 70 Minuten (ca.)


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Bericht von: David L , November 2017

Totally enjoyable evening. Even my reluctant 12 year old admitted it was beautiful!

Bericht von: Matthew C , Oktober 2017

I would offer drinks at intermission. Even just wine or prosecco. €5 or similar.

Bericht von: Christina D , September 2017

This is a must do experience in any travel plan for Florence. An outstanding performance against a very memorable backdrop.

Bericht von: Richard A , August 2017

This was a truly memorable experience , a small intimate group with such an amazing setting the church of st Monica .

I would only recommend that you confirm where the church is before the night as it's difficult to find , but it's well worth the find

Bericht von: ian k , April 2017

Excellent concert delivered by a top quality pianist and soprano.
The setting in the old church added a touch of grandeur to the occasion.

Bericht von: wchowb , Dezember 2016

It was amazing, the small venue allows you to feel like you're getting a private performance one on one. The singer and pianist was really great. The venue decor itself wasn't anything special, well considering you're in a city full of churches to compare to. But you're really there for the concert, and that was great.

Don't expect some major performance like what you would find at a 80 show, just sit back relax, close your eyes and enjoy the music.

Bericht von: l.money03 , Oktober 2016

Very moving - made me cry !

Bericht von: Evelyn F , Oktober 2016

This event is a must as the singing was excellent . Although there were just the two people taking part, the singer and piano player it is a worthwhile visit. Easy to find and makes an enjoyable evening out.

Bericht von: Joan V , Oktober 2016

Enjoyed the concert although I wish there had been a few more recognizable arias.

Bericht von: Tarunkarela , Oktober 2016

First opera - very good experience.

Bericht von: Anurag G , September 2016

Fascinating experience listening to the Opera in an ancient church. We do not understand Italian but the overall experience was truly wonderful. Our seating so close was a treat also.

Bericht von: Natasha D , Oktober 2017

This was an amazing experience! It was a very small venue in a quaint part of Firenze, which added to the event. I would recommend!

Bericht von: Bob , September 2017

Very nice, relaxing evening and the program was just as described. The pianist as outstanding, as was the baritone. Beautiful music in a fairly small, intimate setting. We did find the room a bit warm, although it was a warm evening in Florence. We also expected a little broader variety od drinks during the short intermission. All that was offered was water and prosecca, both available for purchase.

Bericht von: Alan B , März 2017

We were fortunate to see the Three Sopranos concert, The venue was pleasant enough, although the church was a little bare. The singing was fantastic - the ladies voices really filled the hall and they were delightfully friendly. It would have been nice to have some kind of programme although the pianist announced each item, he was a little difficult to understand. We would also liked to have some information about the performers. All in all though, a great experience and highly recommended.

Bericht von: Jayne , United Kingdom, September 2016

This experience was lovely, although the directions were not great and this made us late. Better directions would be good. The singer was really good and the variety of music was spot on. Would do this again if in Florence. Value for money was good

Bericht von: Naomi S , August 2016

I enjoyed this event the singers and the piano player where amazing. The notes that they reached were amazing. They even came back for an encore. The only thing is I found it hard to find and was a little late as tried to ring host but didnt answer. I did find my way but missed a little of the start.

Bericht von: Nicholas L , Oktober 2016

A pleasant evening the old church is a bit tatty but the artists were good.