Northern Lights and Chena Hot Springs Tour from Fairbanks - Reiseberichte

  • Ort: Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Dauer: 11 Stunden (ca.)
Ab USD 175,00

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Bericht von: Ihn L , Februar 2018

A guide, William is an expert for this trip. During winter do not rent a car unless you are living snow and ice country,

Bericht von: kerryhaygood , Januar 2018

We had a great time. The lights came out while we were in the hot springs and we rushed out to set cameras up! The ice sculptures were beautiful but we couldnt get camera settings right for good pictures. One especially nice thing our guide did was had us all sit together when we went to restaurant...we met very nice people and were able to share our experiences.

Bericht von: Tod M , Oktober 2017

We had a great evening! The Ice Museum and the Hot Springs were both very enjoyable. Our guide Larry was most helpful. He took his time to teach another guest how to use her camera. He also knew of a great location to see the aurora on the way back to Fairbanks. Highly recommend!

Bericht von: Linda C , September 2017

Absolutely amazing. Indescribable. Didn't actually do the hot springs part. I ate dinner and watched the sky!

Bericht von: ivoramrey , Februar 2017

Chena is amazing! There was only one detail in hot springs, when paying for the appletini at the ice museum they did not tell me that I should have my ID, when I went for my drink I had no ID and they did not give me a refund or help :

Bericht von: Vitalii T , Januar 2017

Great experience in hot springs, ice museum, and watching northern lights!

Bericht von: CHI HANG C , November 2016

The tour guide Dave is very friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed the tour and the hot spring in Chena Hot Spring resort. Dave brought us to see the northern light and it's so amazing. Thank you Dave for giving me such a wonderful tour!

Bericht von: Maria A , November 2016

The experience was amazing ... the aurora was spectacular .The food at the restaurant excelent.The hot water relax your body!
I will do it again !!

Bericht von: mcarrera , September 2016

It was an amazing tour. The guide explained everything and stopped every time there was an aurora.
Seeing the northern lights from an open air Jacuzzi has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life!!

Bericht von: Mark T , März 2016

Art our tour guide was amazing! He was smart, funny, nice and went out of his way to make this a great experience.

Bericht von: Maria Jose P , September 2014

Simple y sencillamente Increíble!
Súper recomendado!

Bericht von: Niriha K , September 2017

The trip was good. Our guide's commentary was valuable and helped us understand the town better. He set the right expectations for us as far as what to expect from the northern lights. There are few things that the company could possible consider, given the of the trip.
Guide should have a camera that can capture the northern lights and possible get the group a picture against it. For the price, i think this would have been a nice memorabilia.

If you choose to do the Chena hot springs yourself and chase the lights on your own, you may save yourself some . we preferred to go with the tour, since we did not want to drive so late in the night and also wanted to catch a snooze inbetween rides. After the hot springs, you really will want

Bericht von: Ray R , März 2017

The food was nothing special, but the dog sled portion of the night was great. We only had a few good sightings of the NorthernLights due to the weather. A B or at most a B.

Bericht von: Susifina A , Februar 2017

Rene was our tour guide. He didn't speak much and spoke a few times. I dont think he was being rude I believe he is just a quiet person. He was really nice and watched all of our things while we were out and about doing our tours. For that he was fabulous we really appreciated it. We went to the ice museum, then off to dinner, after dinner we went to the hot springs which was great. It was in the negative degrees but the hot springs was warm or hot depending on where you were in the springs. It was cloudy cover when we came out of the hot springs so rene thought we could drive back towards fairbanks and check 2 other spots to see if we can spot it. We didn't so we ended our tour super early at 1am. We were kinda bummed and wondered if we just should have stayed at the lodge and waited it out since we ended back at our hotel so early. Regardless it's a must do tour.

Bericht von: Marcia B , November 2017

Our driver was on time for our pickup and very friendly. The hot springs was a great experience. The food at the restaurant was good. I feel that the set up for watching the Aurora Borialis was not that good because of light pollution from the resort and the annoying light coming from the activity center.

Bericht von: JEAN H , März 2017

I did enjoy this tour but felt it was overpriced. The ice museum was great fun and I would have enjoyed spending a little more time there, especially at the bar with the appletini. The hot springs were indeed hot and it was fun but there were a couple of really slimy places when my feet hit the bottom. We didn't see the lights but that was the weather nothing again the tour in that regard.

Bericht von: Al P , März 2015

Although we were in Fairbanks during what should have been the prime time for the Northern Lights. Nothing happened the whole five days we were there. The tour was advertised at $155 per person, but in reality was $235 per person. We feel that it was overpriced at $155.