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donghenz, Philippines, Juni 2012

nice canal inside Amsterdam

ponts en enfilade

René G, Juni 2015

allignement de ponts

Amsterdam locks

Brenda A, April 2015

Some of the locks used to keep the water level in the canals under control, through which the water is circulated and cleaned nightly.

La vraie vie sur les canaux.

Evelyne P, August 2014

Les habitants d'Amsterdam utilisent autant leurs bateaux que leur vélos.

7 Arches

Sreeja P, April 2013

Has to be seen to understand the symmetry with which this has been built in the days of only human being doing everything - design, calculations, all from imagination

House for Sale

donghenz, Philippines, Juni 2012

the smallest house is for sale now. according to our captain, the house is just less than 2 meters wide.

7 Arches

donghenz, Philippines, Juni 2012

7 bridge arches