This popular beach is sometimes referred to as Little Italy, since it’s often a destination for Italian tourists. So many of these Europeans visit Nungwi each year that locals have picked up on the language and most restaurants serve at least one version of pizza or pasta. 

Still, despite this seeming lack of indigenous culture, Nungwi offers travelers plenty to do, see and experience. Morning and nighttime dive trips are among the most popular activities in Nungwi, since the local fishing industry has left little underwater wildlife close to shores for snorkelers. Sunset cruises to Kendwa, the Mnarani Aquarium and Sea Turtle Conservation, deep-sea fishing and wilderness cycling also rank high among activities for travelers. Most agree that Zanzibar has better beaches, since the shores of Nungwi are populated with locals looking to book excursions, sell wares and solicit visitors.
Nungwi is accessible via hotel arranged transport, a taxi from Stone Town ferry terminal or the No. 116 dalladalla from Darajani/Creek Road. The trip takes approximately two hours depending on traffic and road conditions. 
Adresse: Tanzania, Tansania
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