Fuli Bridge

At over 500 years old, the Fuli Bridge is yet another ancient stone bridge which can be found in the countryside around Yangshuo. While the Yulong Bridge is the biggest single arch bridge in the province and the Xiangui Bridge is the oldest passage across the river, the Fuli Bridge is the tallest one. When seen from a distance away, the bridge with its high arched back and the reflection created in the water form a perfect circle, called a full moon by the locals. Single-arched stone bridges were a common type of bridge built in ancient China due to their strength and sturdiness, and like many of them, the Fuli Bridge has survived thanks to its high resistance to weathering.. 

But although it is located only a short distance from the very touristy and popular Yulong Bridge, the Fuli Bridge is a barely visited gem. Only very few travelers come here and those who do, usually have the stunning stone arch completely to themselves. Sometimes, children from the neighboring villages come here to swim in the shallow pools, squealing and jumping in over and over again in their clothes. Once in a while, a farmer crosses with a heavy load on his shoulders or a motorbike whizzes past, but otherwise, the stunning landscape around Fuli Bridge is completely tranquil. Only seldom do the bamboo rafts make it this far upriver and there are no coach tours to be seen and thus, it’s a great idea to imitate the locals and hop into the cool water for a peaceful swim in the dragon river.

Practical Info

Fuli Bridge can be found about 12 kilometers outside of Yangshuo along the Yulong River and there are a lot of options to get there. It’s easiest to simply rent a bicycle or scooter and head there via the village of Yantang. There is also the Yangshuo-Jinbao bus, which makes a stop at Jinlong Bridge. From there, you can walk the remaining kilometer northwards. 
Adresse: Yangshuo, China
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