As one of the most important religious sites in the country, the catholic monument known as Chijmes is a former convent school with more than 130 years of history. Residing in a central area along Victoria Street, the restored complex today serves as a commercialized hub for visitors looking to experience a bit of history while enjoying the modern accommodations inside that includes shops, fine restaurants and even an entertainment center.

The large modern complex is open both day and night, hosting a plethora of celebrations and events such as private cocktail parties and lunches, as well as musical and theatrical performances. To match Singapore’s diverse history and peoples, the restaurants inside offer menus featuring several kinds of cuisines, from French to Italian to Cantonese.

With renovations having been completed in 1996 at a cost of $81.5 million, the complex remains brightly lit at night, while Chijmes itself takes up more than 16,000 square meters, or 172,000 square feet, of total space.
Adresse: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996, Singapur
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