Chowpatty Beach

When Mumbai locals want to hit the beach, the sandy spot they choose is Chowpatty. Day or night, it’s quite a scene, thronged with strolling families, beachside food stalls, beach masseurs and patrolling lifeguards.

The arching stretch of sand is vibrant by day, with people paddling in the water or trying out the waves for waterskiing or windsurfing. But for the real Chowpatty Beach experience, come at dusk and stay on for the sunset and into the evening.

The atmosphere is convivial and festive, the evening breeze refreshing, and the street food for sale here is legendary. Try grilled corn on the cob, bhelpuri (puffed rice with veggies) and the fried potato puffs called panipuri.

If you’re visiting Mumbai in August/September, you might be lucky enough to witness Ganesh Chaturthi at Chowpatty Beach. Huge crowds watch on as images of the elephant god Ganesh are paraded through the city to the beach, to be sent out to sea.

Practical Info

Chowpatty’s arc of sand is on the west side of the Colaba promontory, a few miles south of central Mumbai. Curving Marine Drive flanks the sand and winds south to Colaba.
Adresse: Indien
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