Santa Cruz Basilica

Fort Cochin’s glittering basilica is one of Kerala’s finest churches, studded with gilded detail in Romanesque Gothic style.

The original Santa Cruz Basilica was built by the Portuguese, initially as a church in 1505 before being designated a cathedral in 1558. It survived the onslaughts of the Dutch, who used it as an arms store, only to be demolished by the British in 1795. The new building was consecrated as a basilica in 1905.

If you take a look at the building’s southeastern corner, you can make out an original granite pillar from the original cathedral.

Other notable features include the whitewashed facade’s pair of spires, the pastel-hued interior’s highly decorated altar, the stained-glass windows and several classically inspired paintings.

Practical Info

Santa Cruz Basilica is on the eastern side of Children’s Park, a little south of Fort Cochin and a few streets southwest of St Francis Church.
Adresse: Bastion Street, Fort Cochin, Indien
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