Sundarijal is not only a village about 15 kilometers outside of Kathmandu, but it is also a village development zone, which encompasses big parts of Shivapuri National Park. Accordingly, the area is especially popular with trekkers and nature lovers and many people start their hikes here, one of the most popular routes leading to Chisapani, a village at over 2,200 meters, from where spectacular sunrises and sunsets can be observed. Sundarijal offers several temples, the Sundarimai Mandir, dedicated to the goddess after which Sundarijal is named, the Ganesh Mandir and the Krishna Mandir. These cultural sites are not only fascinating for tourists, but also attract many locals from Kathmandu during Buddhist and Hindu events, such as the Dashahara festival, one of the most important Hindu celebrations. 

Many attractions within Sundarijal have something or other to do with water. Interesting to see is the hydropower plant and dam, which provide electricity to Sundarijal Village. But the main attractions are without a doubt the waterfalls, the tallest of which is cascading and splashing down 45 meters of rocky, overgrown cliffs. The falls are especially beautiful during the monsoon season, when the rivers carry more water and aren’t only a popular spot for photographers, but also attract groups of canyoners who want to don a harness, helmet and ropes and descend down the dashing, narrow falls for a little bit of an extra thrill. 

Practical Info

Sundarijal is easy to reach from Kathmandu by bus, some of which are direct; others require a change of vehicle in Jorpati. The busses leave roughly every 30 minutes.
Adresse: Nepal
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