Cueva De Can Marca (Caves of San Marca)

Located in San Miguel and the bay of Puerto San Miguel is a natural formation that doesn’t involve sand and surf. More than 100,000 years old, the Cueva De Can Marca is one of those places you have to see to really see the beauty others speak of. The cave was first discovered by smugglers who would hide their loot in its dark recesses, hoisting their bounties up to the mouth of the rocks. In fact, today it is still possible to see the relics of that time period – along the walls there are faint markings showing the criminals an alternative way out of the cave in case the entrance is blocked.

Inside the cave, visitors are treated to beautiful formations of stalactites dripping from the ceiling, fossils, markings that tell the tale of ancient water running through, and a 30-foot waterfall that reaches far into the depths of the earth. Tours take anywhere from 30 – 40 minutes and call upon modern technology to help re-create what the cave might have looked like, complete with water being pumped in and colorful lighting effects.

Once exploration of the cave is complete, be sure to check out the stunning view from the exit of the cave. It’s gorgeous.
Adresse: 07815 Port de Sant Miguel, Spanien
Stunden: May – October: 11am – 1:30pm; 2:30pm – 8pm November – April: 11am – 530pm
Einlass: Adults: 9 Euro Children (ages 5 – 12): 5 Euro
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