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Meijiawu Tea Village Touren

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Located 30 minutes outside of Hangzhou in the rural foothills of the West Lake district the Meijiawu Tea Village is an entire township devoted to the cultivation and heritage of Xihu Longjing Tea. Also known as “Dragon Well Tea,” everything surrounding this revered type of green tea—from the pouring process to the time of harvest—is considered an art form.

Regarded as one of the finest tea varieties in the entire world, Longjing tea leaves in China are believed to be the best if they are grown in the region around Meijiawu. Visitors to the village will learn the process of creating Longjing tea, from its time spent on the plant until the time it’s poured. Watch as a master tea farmer lightly cooks tea leaves in an open wok with only his bare hands and witness an experienced tea server briskly pouring an entire pot without spilling a single drop.

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