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Visitors flock to Luodai, an ancient town located in the Sichuan area of China, about 12.8 miles (20 kilometers) from Chengdu City. Situated at the base of Er’eshan Mountain as part of the Longquanshan Mountains, Luodai is considered the largest and best-preserved Hakka ancient town in the western part of the country. Ninety percent of Luodai’s inhabitants are Hakka, and the Hakka language is still spoken here.

Built more than 1,000 years ago, Luodai has a long history and, now, a vibrant tourist culture. The architecture and layout of the ancient town preserves the typical styles from Ming and Qing dynasties, with old streets, Hakka folk houses and narrow alleys. There are also several parks, a museum and four guildhalls, which add great historical and artistic value. Created in the typical architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the guildhalls feature exquisite carvings of Chinese motifs like dragons, flowers, phoenix and other birds.

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