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Pigeon Valley (Guvercinlik)

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Pigeon Valley, just outside Göreme in Cappadocia, is one of Turkey’s most beautiful landscapes.

The unique rock formations known as fairy chimneys, or peri bacalar, which are made from wind and water erosion on soft volcanic rock, rise high from the valley floor like chimneys and are dotted in their tops with birdhouses. Some reach at tall as 130 ft (40m). Pigeons live in these dovecoats carved into the rocks and cliffs. Years ago the pigeons were used to carry messages from this remote region, and their droppings have long been used by local farmers for fertilizer. Today, however, there are fewer pigeons in the valley.

Pigeon Valley is a great place for hiking. The whole area around Göreme is made up of valleys with almost no fencing and there are well-marked trails. The mildly hilly trail through Pigeon Valley is free of charge and about 2.8 miles (4 km) long running between Göreme and Uçhisar.

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Private Tour: Höhepunkte von Kappadokien mit Burgfelsen Uçhisar

Nehmen Sie an dieser privaten Tour teil und entdecken Sie die Höhepunkte der Region Kappadokien. Besuchen Sie das Tal der Tauben und den Burgfelsen ...  Weitere Informationen

  • Ort: Göreme, Türkei
  • Dauer: 8 Stunden
  • Sprache: Deutsch Englisch
Ab 401,57 USD

Kappadokien an einem Tag, Führung in kleiner Gruppe von Istanbul: Tal der Rosen, Ortahisar, unterirdische Stadt Kaymakli und Tal der Tauben

45 Berichte

Sie sehen einige der Höhepunkte des südlichen Kappadokien auf dieser ganztägigen Tour von Istanbul, einschließlich Hin- und ...  Weitere Informationen

  • Ort: Istanbul, Türkei
  • Dauer: 15 Stunden
  • Sprache: Englisch
Ab 345,00 USD