Gantheaume Point

The glorious red cliffs at Gantheaume Point contrast starkly with the bright blue water to create a spectacular scene, especially at sunset as the rock glows red.

To its the north is Cable Beach, and to its south is a small fishing beach that in summer is covered in sand balls rolled by millions of tiny sand crabs.

Beneath the lighthouse is Anastasia’s pool. It was carved out of the rock by the lighthouse keeper so his arthritic wife could comfortably bathe in the waters each day.  

It would seem that not only humans appreciate the beauty of Gantheaume Point as it was also popular with dinosaurs who created a trackway at the point which can still be seen today. At very low tides it is possible to see the tracks of nine different types of dinosaur, both herbivores and carnivores.

Practical Info

Only the first bus of the day visits Gantheaume Point (at approximately 7:55am) and there is no bus service back to town. While this makes it perfect for a morning stroll back to town along Cable Beach about 3 mi (5 km) back, it makes taxis necessary unless you have a car.

Adresse: Guantheaume Point Road, Broome, Australien
Einlass: Free
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