Roman Amphitheatre

What Alexandria’s Roman Amphitheatre lacks in size, it makes up for with its impressive state of preservation, and as the only known Roman amphitheatre in Egypt, it’s a historic sight right in the middle of the city. Discovered by accident in 1960, the small amphitheatre is still largely intact, with its lower-level stage surrounded by 13 marble terraces, which once provided seating for up to 800 people. The structure is estimated to date back to the fourth century, and original features like seat numbers are still visible to travelers who stop by while exploring Alexandria. Around the amphitheatre, other Roman ruins such as baths, villas and floor mosaics can also be seen, along with a small collection of artifacts excavated from the area.

Practical Info

The Roman Amphitheatre is located on Sharia Yousef in Alexandria and is open daily from 8am-5pm. Admission is E£15.
Adresse: Sharia Yousef, on Midan al-Gamhouriya, Alexandria, Egypt, Ägypten
Stunden: Daily 8am-5pm
Einlass: E£15
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