Kulturelles Kapstadt - Langa und Khayelitsha

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  • Ort: Kapstadt, Südafrika
  • Dauer: 4 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 2382SC7

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Bericht von: Thomas S, Januar 2014 Englisch

Our guide Norman was wonderful. The township tour exceeded our expectations, we had a chance to meet the residents and learn about their lives, hear the children's choir sing and visit one of the shanties, The resident's resilience and spirit was remarkable and awe inspiring considering the harsh conditions in which they live and the cruel treatment they suffered under apartheid. Everyone should know their stories and I know I am glad I did.

Bericht von: dvjrdn, Dezember 2013 Englisch

Very knowledgeable guide. This was a great experience!

Bericht von: AKU, Germany, Februar 2013 Englisch

This tour should be a must für all interested visitors. I've learned a lot about the history of apartheid and the townships. Dustin was a wonderful guide and his explanations
helped me to understand this wonderful country a little bit better.

Bericht von: David H, USA, November 2011 Englisch

Outstanding tour! It's great to see the positive things happening in the South African townships. Some of the friendliest people I've met. The tour guide was great in sharing his personal experiences with apartheid, too. Overall A+ tour.

Bericht von: Bruce G, USA, Juni 2010 Englisch

A little more depth could be added. ie local store, bar, and local home.

Bericht von: Carolyn R, United Kingdom, Januar 2010 Englisch

This trip gave such an informative and interesting insight into South African life and how it has changed. Informative guide, and the trip to the church was wonderful.

Bericht von: Marie-Dominique T, USA, Januar 2010 Englisch

Must see tour! The first that should be taken upon arrival. It will leave a powerful impact to see poverty first hand while driving through the townships. Please dont just stay on main roads if it is possible to deviate, and use the opportunity to purchase hand made items at the skill centers, They're beautiful! Ask lots of questions, take lots of photos, and Dont be afraid, although you may be stared at like some rare specimen regardless of color - race. Again take advantage of buying some things there. They'll be less expensive than the formal markets, and sometimes even the vendors at the tourist sites.

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Tour-Code: 2382SC7