Tagesausflug von Hongkong nach Guangzhou (Kanton) in China

172 Berichte

  • Ort: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Dauer: 13 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 3675GE

Panda at the zoo

airportbabe, USA, Januar 2009

It was a great experience to see a live panda but I felt really sorry for him. He's housed in the tiny little concrete cubicles I remember zoos having when I was growing up. He really needs a more natural habitat to reside in.

Lunch was served

airportbabe, USA, Januar 2009

Nice clean restaurant with a good variety of foods to be shared.

Incense burner at the temple

airportbabe, USA, Januar 2009

Pretty typical, I discovered, after several more days in Hong Kong.

The cultural center

airportbabe, USA, Januar 2009

Beautiful modern facility.

Artist fingerpainting

airportbabe, USA, Januar 2009

we stopped at a crafts market--I don't remember it being in the brochure but I could be wrong. There were a lot of wonderful items to purchase and artists to watch. My only complaint was the amount of time we spent shopping on this trip. I would have preferred more sights, less stores.

The Street

JULIE F, United Kingdom, März 2008

A street in China near the market.

Fancy a hair cut?

JULIE F, United Kingdom, März 2008

Someone having a hair cut in a street market in China.

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Tour-Code: 3675GE