Tagesausflug in kleiner Gruppe von Barcelona nach Tarragona und Sitges

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  • Ort: Barcelona, Spanien
  • Dauer: 10 Stunden 30 Minuten (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 3142TARRA

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Bericht von: helen.tanbk , Juli 2015

It was interesting to see and learn more about the aquaduct. We even walked on it! We enjoyed the walk around the city to see the historical sights. It would be better if we can have more time to explore as there are a few sites which we can visit to learn more about the city. Sitges was beautiful. We had a wonderful time walking around since we decided not to spend time at the beach. The guide Felix did not get his full name was professional.

Bericht von: Yatee D , Juni 2015

Definitely recommend this trip! Small group meant personal attention getting to know how everyone else ended up coming to Spain. I recommend sitting in the front or middle of the van for the best views and to best hear the guide. It was really nice to drive out of the urban environment of Barcelona for a while and enter the romantic towns of Tarragona and Sitges. These towns were actually what I expected Barcelona to be like. At Tarragona, there is a lot to see and learn from the guide. Tarragona used to be a huge city. Conversely, Sitges is nice for eating a very relaxed lunch lot of seafood! and dipping your feet in the water on the beach. It was very hot when we went, but we made ourselves walk through the town of Sitges - worth it. The town is adorable and very photogenic.

Bericht von: Dennis S , Juni 2015

Fun and really interesting. Lots of beautiful scenery and lots of Roman ruins. I walked all the way across this aqueduct that was as tall as a 9 story building. Fun. Lots of pretty scenery, quaint towns and Roman ruins. Pretty beaches. Great places to eat facing the beach.

Bericht von: Morag , Juni 2015

Great tour! Amazing tour guide. There were only two of us on the tour- a gentleman from the US and myself. The tour guide answered everything we wanted to know about Barcelona, Tarragona, Sitges and Spain at large! As well, we stopped at a 2,000 year old Aqueduct on our way to Tarragona- it was surreal.

Bericht von: qamaro , April 2015

The trip was nice and relaxing! Our tour guide knowledgeable and she provided us ample time to visit each of the locations in particular the end of the day in Sitges. I would use Viator again to book a tour!

Bericht von: kamaniperera , April 2015

Sceneries were very pretty. Tour guide was excellent. Recommend to anyone and very good tour. Value for money.

Bericht von: laura p , April 2015

Our tour guide was Nico. He took our group of 4 to Tarragona and Sitges. We visited the aqueduct and had some free time for pictures. Then we went to Tarragona, and he told us a bit about the city's history before letting us loose. Tarragona is beautiful. We visited the amphitheatre and the Roman circus. If you love Roman ruins like I do, go to Tarragona! Afterwards, we went to Sitges. I wanted to see the ocean, so that was nice, but I found Sitges a bit boring compared to Tarragona. Not Nico's fault - the place is just a beach town. We had time for a sitdown lunch and a bit of walking around, but not much. If you want to do something of substance in Sitges, like a Bacardi tasting, get a quick lunch instead. We had paella, and it was not worth it.

Bericht von: Nikita Tete , India, März 2015

The tour was excellent and so was the guide. We had a good time seeing the historic Tarragona, the beautiful Sitges and some time for ourselves. The tours made us love Barcelona even more!

Bericht von: L E. B , New Zealand, Dezember 2014

GREAT trip
Awesome and knowlegeable tour guide, who walked us through the history and the story of Catalonia.

Bericht von: Carole S , USA, Oktober 2014

Our guide was very informative and we enjoyed this tour. Tarragona and Sitges were beautiful cities- it was a great day and it was so fun meeting and chatting with those in our tour group. We would definetly do this again.

Bericht von: Roberta N , September 2014

This was our first trip to Italy and the tour gave us a good overview of the country side. Tarragona and Sitges were spectacular. It was a great tour.

Bericht von: john l , September 2014

5 stars for Tarragona..0 for Sitges.
The roman ruins were great to visit. A good experiance.
Im mot interested in Sitges..must have the most homosexuels per square inch than any other spot on the planet. Not to mention the wind was screaming and ate sand with our meal. another good small group trip

Bericht von: viator travel trips , Juli 2014

A fun day trip. Plenty to see and do - given plenty of time to roam on our own or with Enrique, our fabulous guide. Tarragona and Sitges were both beautiful!

Bericht von: Daniel S , Mai 2014

Very intimate tour, the history in and around Tarragona was very interesting and spending afternoon relaxing by the beach in Sitges was fantastic.

Bericht von: Vladimir I , Mai 2014

It worth to visit this cities. Veryinteresting.

Bericht von: Sarah A , Januar 2014

- Excellent Guide. He was a amazing 10/10
- The sites were interesting and worth seeing.
- If you take this tour during the winter, it may be slightly too much time for the sights and beach.

Bericht von: Robert B , Dezember 2013

Tour guide was very good, and we had extra time to go visit whatever caught out interest. The tour guide was also very helpful inpointing us to what additional stops/sites might be the most interesting so that we were able to make the most out of the time that we had.

Bericht von: MISUMI O , November 2013


Bericht von: Janelle Z , Juli 2013

Amazing. Beautiful beaches and the sites were fabulous.

Bericht von: Sharon E , Juli 2013

Loved this tour - the guide was very informative. We had plenty of free time to explore Sitges and Tarragona.
Would highly recommend this tour if you want to get a taste of the Cosat Brava.

Bericht von: Roberto Tsuneo C , April 2013

Muito legal a capital da Hispania. O aqueduto romano completamente preservado, demais!

Bericht von: KATALIN K , April 2013

Excellent organisation: small group with 4 people, our guide was the best ever had during my trips. He had spoken fluently English and French as well, giving us interesting and useful tips what to see during the free time in Tarragona, and where to eat in Sitges...Highly recommend to book this trip! I would like defenetely return once in the future to Tarragona, thank you again Explore Catalunya!

Bericht von: Jeffrey C , November 2012

Our guide exceeded our expectations and provided lots of information during our trip. As with all our tours, the guide's English was good and we had no issues carrying on conversation. This is a must do tour!

Bericht von: Joseph F , November 2012

Our guide was very knowledgable. We had a short walking tour of the city(s) and then given time to explore each city on our own. The ability to walk around inside the Roman Ampitheature (imagine going back in time) was really interesting. Our guide even made an extra stop at an abandoned Roman Quarry - really interesting.

Bericht von: Chris D , November 2012

I loved this tour, especially the fact that it was such a small group (eight people). Our tour guide was pleasant, friendly and extremely informative. His English was easy to understand. The towns of Tarragona and Sitges were beautiful!! This tour is a must while in Barcelona!


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