Hop-on-Hop-off-Tageskarte für die Amsterdamer Kanalbusse und Heineken Experience

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  • Ort: Amsterdam, Niederlande
  • Dauer: 24 oder 48 Stunden (ca.)
  • Tour-Code: 2544CANAL04

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Bericht von: Hayley B, Juni 2014 Englisch

great fun!

Bericht von: Carla E, Dezember 2013 Englisch

Loved the canals! Heineken experience was enjoyable, but long. Definitely worth the money to buy these together.

Bericht von: Sam N, Dezember 2013 Englisch

All the various tour guides were great. Very friendly and their English was awesome.
It was very nice to see the difference in todays process and from the past. The real difference is there are machines now that can work faster and more reliably than people. The beer is still the same. The " Brew You " ride was a pleasant surprise, I didn't even know it was part of the tour, sweet!
If you like Heineken, and you're from North America, or elsewhere, you will love it in Amsterdam. Fresh from the tap, filled to the center of the red star, and just enough head to reach the brim of the glass.
This tour was great. In every sense, it was great. There are games, and plenty of photo ops throughout the building. The bar at the end of the tour is great, perfect beer, perfect mood.
The gift shop was naturally NOT an option. You traverse through to get to the exit. I am glad, I saw a watch that just caught my eye, had to have it! Prices were more reasonable than you would think!
I think if you like beer, or if you like history, or if you're interested in an important part of Holland, you MUST do this tour.

Bericht von: Eiko H, USA, August 2013 Englisch

Loved it. Before you enter - ask for ticket to the boat ride to the another Heineken shop in advance.

Bericht von: Michael P, Juli 2013 Englisch

Great way to see a lot of the city! Reliable and informative. It's the way to go

Bericht von: rprefont, Juli 2013 Englisch

Informative tour, lots of interactive fun, great iced Heineken at the end

Bericht von: Philip D, Juli 2013 Englisch

This was a really fun and interesting trip - not to mention the unexpected horses! The former brewery shows you how the Company grew from it's early beginnings. Some of the fun highlights include a 'ride' where the participants stand on an oscillating platform whilst watching a video presentation of how the various ingredients go together to make Heineken beer! This is followed by the first taste of the finished beer! The tour route continues through some of the marketing and advertising campaigns, including a display of the Champions League. There are a few interactive things to try out and opportunities to personalise a bottle! The tour ends in the bar, with a chance to pull your own pint (or half as is the way on the continent). As you leave the tour, you have the opportunity to buy branded merchandise in the museum shop - if you can imagine it, they have stuck a Heineken badge on it! This was a really fun tour, the staff all spoke very good English - in fact the entire tour, video clips and wall mounted display were all in English! - and were really interesting to listen to. We combined this tour with a Hop On - Hop Off ticket for the Canal Bus which made the tickets fantastic value for money - we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to you. The tour route has many stairs and covers a fair distance, so you need to be relatively fit and mobile, we didn't see any visible evidence of a wheelchair route.

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Tour-Code: 2544CANAL04