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Touren von Tokio nach Kyoto

Von Viator, Juni 2015

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Kyoto, einst die kaiserliche Hauptstadt von Japan, ist mit dem weltberühmten Hochgeschwindigkeitszug Shinkansen in nur 2 1/4 Stunden zu erreichen. In Kyoto können Sie die herrlichen japanischen Gärten und die ... 

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Berichte über Deutsch

Bericht von: Gerald B , Österreich, Mai 2015

War ein toller Ausflug. Perfekt organisiert. Reiseleiter vor Ort war sehr kompetent. Das Manko bei diesen Ausflug war die Zusammensetzung. Wir besuchten nur Tempels in Kyoto. Im großen und ganzen kann man sagen, es war ein toller Ausflug.

Tour: Mit dem Shinkansen von Tokio nach Kyoto

Berichte in anderen Sprachen

Bericht von: Mika T , August 2015 Englisch

Really nice 2-day tour to experience Kyoto and Nara. Everything is made really easy for the traveller. We stayed in New Miyako Hotel in Kioto which was really nice. Even when we get back to Tokyo Eki, there was private luxury taxi arrenged to us to get to our Hotel in Shinjuku. Highly recommended, worth every penny.

Tour: Zwei- oder dreitägiger Ausflug von Tokio nach Kyoto und Nara mit dem Shinkansen

Bericht von: Kari M L , Juni 2015 Englisch

This tour was excellent. We had a lovely lunch and then were guided around the amazing city of Kyoto. So glad we did this tour!

Tour: Mit dem Shinkansen von Tokio nach Kyoto

Bericht von: MARTHA S , Juni 2015 Englisch

The itinerary was well planned, very well organized.
Thank you for a truly memorable visit to Kyoto.

Tour: Mit dem Shinkansen von Tokio nach Kyoto

Bericht von: marcbal77 , Mai 2015 Englisch

Well worth it if you are able to find your way on your own and get around both Kyoto and Hiroshima on your own. One thing to note as well, the tickets they give you for the bullet train are good up to 7 days from the date on the ticket. So we did not necessarily have to leave at the designated time that was assigned on our ticket. And the bullet trains come to Tokyo station quite often, so we left when we felt like 2 of us got to Kyoto, checked in to our hotel, rented a bike and saw all the sites we wanted. Then in Hiroshima, we spent the time at the A-bomb site and went to the Itsukushima Shrine. We left the next day on the last bullet train back to Tokyo. It was great in terms of freedom and having everything ready for us to use, while going about our own plans one of us can read and speak Japanese.

Tour: 3 Tage Kyoto und Hiroshima: Individueller Ausflug mit dem Nozomi-Schnellzug ab Tokio

Bericht von: Christine H , Mai 2015 Englisch

We were collected on time at the Toyko hotel lobby and taken to the bullet train station. The guide was helpful and gave full instruction for boarding and embarkation. At Kyoto we were collected by another guide on the platform and taken to the coach. The standard of Lunch venue was superb as was the buffet. Everything ran very smoothly in Kyoto and the tour guide very interesting. Overall a very enjoyable trip

Tour: Mit dem Shinkansen von Tokio nach Kyoto

Bericht von: Nig , Mai 2015 Englisch

This was an awesome trip and great way to see a fair bit of Japan in a short time. Coach trip out of Tokyo gave a glimpse of how big the city is. The trip to, and time spent at Mt Fuji was spectacular, apparently we were blessed with really clear weather so the mountain was majestic. Day 2 took as on a Tour of Kyoto and Nara, good history day. Day 3 was a free day to explore Kyoto. Only complaint is the lateness of arrival in Kyoto on the first night, it was too late and something we were not told about. Arrival back in Tokyo night 3 was also late, but at least we were warned about that. Overall a fantastic way to experience Japan in a short timeframe.

Tour: Dreitägiger Ausflug ab Tokio: Fuji, Kyoto und Nara per Shinkansen